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 Thursday 14th May 2020


Hello my lovely friends,

 Can you guess who it is? This is a clue WOOF WOOF! Yes, me, Baggins (better known to my friends as Stinky Bags).

This week I have mainly been sitting under a tree, practising my very loudest and scariest bark.  As you can imagine this has really annoyed Mr Vine who is trying very hard to concentrate on his home working. The trouble is that Mr Dandelion Head just doesn’t understand why.  Believe me, if he did, then he would be rewarding me with one of my favourite biscuits rather than banging the window and shaking his fist at me.  The reason is, the SQUIRREL is BACK!

Every morning, as soon as I’ve had my breakfast, I venture out into the garden checking that everything is in order (inspecting the plants for slug damage and making sure Wellington the cat is not hiding anywhere).  Then usually, I look for the sunniest spot to curl up and take a nap. However, on Tuesday, just as I was looking forward to dreaming of roly polying in something disgusting, I heard a rustle overhead.  There, precariously perched on the end of a branch, was the pesky squirrel that caused havoc last autumn . No mistaking him, there he was smiling sinisterly at me. ‘Walnuts’ I thought!

Now you might be thinking that I’ve gone crazy. But believe me I haven’t.  Last autumn, Mrs Vine spent a whole Sunday afternoon collecting walnuts from our tree.  She went up the ladder to collect the ones at the top and I picked up all the ones that dropped on the floor.  We filled a really big basket, which we then put in our wheelbarrow and trundled around to our shed. Later, Mrs Vine made a list of all the ingredients she needed to make walnut chutney. Sounds disgusting to me, I’d rather have a rotten old bone any day.

The following Saturday disaster struck! Mr Dandelion was ordered to collect the walnuts as Mrs Vine prepared the kitchen to make the chutney. He returned with the basket but only two tiny walnuts remained! They both turned slowly to look at me.  My tail stopped wagging and my ears drooped, I realised that they thought I’d taken them. I mean why would I want a thousand walnuts. They would definitely give me tummy ache.  Although innocent, I crept into my basket and pulled the blanket right over me.

Off they went to the shed (I followed on tiptoes and hid, shaking behind the lawnmower).  There was a lot of muttering,  Mr Dandelion Head storms out. It was only then that I could see- a hole in the side of the shed and there on the other side, a pile of empty walnut shells…

So all week I’ve had to be on guard, just in case the squirrel tries to get up to more mischief.

Have you ever been blamed for something that you didn’t do? How did you feel?

Have a good week, keep safe.

Lots of squirrels and walnuts Baggins and Mrs Vine x




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