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Remote Learning Year 1




Dear Parents, 

Unfortunately some of your children have to isolate. Below are some tasks to complete over their time at home. Should the period of isolation include the whole year group we will return to the format used in the last lock down.

For times when computers access is not possible here are some ideas of learning activities your children can do:


  • Make a Maths board game using number facts (addition, subtraction, doubles, halves, telling the time).
  • Write your own story based on a farm (include three animals, a problem and a solution).
  • Draw numbers using tens and ones.
  • Make a number museum or number poster.
  • Read a book and write a review.
  • Design a story villain/hero but drawing and labeling.


Date What to do Resources
Friday 9th July


Please make sure you have finished writing the end of your story from yesterday. Can you also design a front cover for your story. 



Please continue to write the phase 5 sentences from the PowerPoint from yesterday. If finished, have a go at writing your own sentences using some of the same digraphs. 



This is football themed for today! See the worksheets attached. These will also be on Dojo. 


Football Activities

For a fun afternoon, you might like to complete some of these football themed activities!




Book cover sheet










Football themed maths - Counting and writing numbers


Design a football player

Mindfulness colouring sheets

Thursday 8th July


Today we will be writing the end of our stories. Which final character did they ask to help? What happened? How does the story end - perhaps they all ate the vegetable soup for tea!



For Phonics today we are going to practise reading and then writing the phase 5 sentences in our best handwriting. These sentences can be found on slides 5-7 of the PowerPoint.


Maths (swimming slot)

Please spend some time playing Numbots or carry on completing your Maths Addition and Subtraction booklet from last week. 



In DT this afternoon, we will be tasting some flapjacks. We will then be designing a healthy fruity flapjack. Please use the sheet to add the ingredients and equipment needed. Perhaps you might like to add raisins, cranberries or apricots to your flapjack to make it healthy?











Phonics PowerPoint











Flapjack design sheet

Wednesday 7th July



Today we are writing the middle of our story. Think about adding a character to help pull up the vegetable. Remember to use your characters from your plan. Try to describe them in the sentences.


For example:

The boy saw a spotty dog walking past. He asked the dog to help. So the spotty dog and the little boy pulled and tugged, but the huge carrot still did not move.


Today in phonics we are going to practise spelling our tricky words. We are going to use our best handwriting to do it. 


We have been comparing weight at school using cubes. We have then used our maths skills to solve these problems. Can you read them with a grown up and work out what you need to do. You can use drawing and crossing out to help you.














Tricky words practise



Comparing weight

Tuesday 6th July


Today we would like you to write the story beginning using your plan. Write up to the part where the plant is getting big.

Can you use er and est words?

Can you include a simile?

Make sure you include describing words in your sentences.



Read through your word wall and then practise writing the words in your best handwriting. Think about where to start your letters.





Word wall



Continue your maths booklet.

Monday 5th July



Today we want you to draw a story map or board for your own version of the Enormous Turnip. 

Think about what will be grown and who the characters that help will be. What will they make at the end?


Remember not to write your story just plan your ideas. You can use your plan to tell your story to someone in your family or a teddy.




Please look at the workbook on your Dojo portfolio. It is also available in the resources section from last Thursday.

Friday 2nd July



Today we would like you to focus on the end of the story. Try to use those joining words and perhaps you could even use an exclamation mark! We look forward to reading your finished stories. 



Can you use the digraphs to give the aliens some funny nonsense names. 



Please continue to look through the workbook of activities. 



Well done for all of your home learning this week! This afternoon we would like you to try to do something active. You could set yourself some challenges, make an obstacle course or try some more of the Cosmic Yoga. Have fun!


Name the Alien sheet

Thursday 1st July



Look at the images in the resources. Which pictures make up the story middle?

Today we would like you to focus on the middle of the story. Can you try to using joining words like and/but/ because. Maybe you could add a question sentence. 

Remember we have talked about adding er to the end of a word to emphasise meaning. How could you use the suffix er in this story?



Using au/aw/or words can you make up a phonics bingo game to play with your family?

You will need to make the bingo calling cards with words containing or sounds and the bingo cards (6 words on the card).


You could also play bingo games for number facts too if you like playing bingo!




For the rest of the week we would like you to look through this workbook. It is a chance for you to discuss and talk about all we have learnt in addition and subtraction in Year 1. You do not need to print out the work book as you can talk about the method and record the calculation on a piece of paper. If you would like to print it you can.




In Science this afternoon we are learning about staying safe in the sun. Look through the slides on the PowerPoint and then have a go at the activity. 

















Year 1 Addition and Subtraction booklet






Staying Safe in the Sun Presentation


Staying Safe in the Sun Activity Sheets

Wednesday 30th June


Write the beginning of the story of 'The Enormous Turnip'. Don't forget to write your capital letters, full stops and double check you have written all the words you need.



Play All Phase 5 digraphs using Buried Treasure game (Phonics Play)



Can you find the answers to these missing number problems? Use counters, numicon or the part part whole to help you. There are two pages with different challenges, choose the one suits you best.



Share this PowerPoint at home and draw a self-portrait on Purple Mash.

Phonics Play

Missing numbers - subtraction

ICT - Owning your creative work

Monday 28th June


Read the story of 'The Enormous Turnip'


Then answer the questions on the sheet. You can just record the answers on paper rather than print out.



Can you colour the words by reading and working out which blend they have?




Can you use known number facts to solve the missing numbers?

Discuss with a grown up how you will solve it. Will you count on? Will you use a known fact? Will you draw it? Will you use part, part whole or will you need counters (pasta)?

The Enormous Turnip

Comprehension Task


Blends Mosaic


Missing numbers

Friday 25th June



Today you will be using inference skills which are our clue finding detective skills when reading! Remember to look out for those tricky words in the text! There is also a spelling activity to practise 'tch' and 'ch' endings. 



For Phonics today there is a quiz for you to play. You need to choose the correct spelling for the words using au/aw/or. You could also write these down if you want to. Good luck!



Today we will be continuing to order numbers. Remember to look carefully at the tens and ones! Please watch the video first 'Ordering numbers' 



Well done for all of your hard work this week. If you are able to today, try and do something active! Perhaps set yourself some challenges... How many star jumps can you do in 2 minutes? How many hops.... How many jumps? How many throws/catches with a ball? There are also some links here to practise some Cosmic Yoga if you prefer!  

English lesson








Phonics Quiz







Maths lesson

Ordering numbers sheet




Cosmic Yoga

Thursday 24th June



Today you will be thinking of adjectives to describe the character of the monkey, and use them to write sentences about his appearance and personality.



In Phonics today there is a spelling sheet using or/ore. Choose the correct words to complete the sentences. There is a copy of this sheet on Dojo to record straight onto if easier. 



In Maths today you are continuing to compare numbers. Please watch the video (Comparing numbers (2) and then complete the worksheet. 



Today in Science you will be identifying and naming some garden plants. Look through the PowerPoint slides first and then draw a beautiful garden filled with lovely flowers. This could be your own garden or you can use your imagination! You may also like to label some of the plants. There is a sheet here to use or alternatively it can be completed on plain paper. 

English Lesson







Phonics Sheet





Comparing numbers (2) video

Comparing numbers (2) sheet





In the Garden PowerPoint

In the Garden Sheet

Wednesday 23rd June





Today you will be focusing on character feelings. 

Remember this lens from our classroom?


You will need your story map from yesterday. As you are going to be adding to it.

English Lesson



Today we would like you to try and read words with the or sounds in sentences. After you have read them you can click the speaker to hear them and see if you were correct.


Can you write your own sentences including a word with aw, or and au?


Maybe you could make up you own real and alien word game using these sounds. 


You can also watch Mr Thorne to find out about another way to write the or sound.

or sounds in sentences

Mr Thorne Phonics



Today you will be using Tens and Ones to compare numbers.

Maths Lesson

Comparing numbers task


In ICT we have been discussing how computers are used in the home. 

Can you make a poster to show all the ways you use computers in the home?


If you like you can also log on to Purple Mash and revisit the coding section or the 2paint tool or paint projects. You could use the 2create a story to draw out the Honey and Trouble story.


Tuesday 22nd June 2021


Today you will continue your learning about the story 'Honey and Trouble'

You will make a story map and practise telling the story from memory. Just like we do at school. We are good at story telling so we know you can do this.

English Lesson


Today we are going to find out about the ways of making the or sound.

Dragons Den game

Select the or sound from phase 3 to practise.


Now let's recap au and aw with the alphablocks:

au/aw Alphablocks



In Maths today you are going to be partitioning numbers into tens and ones.

Maths Lesson

Partitioning Activity



Today we would like you to explore the past. We will look at how butter was produced a long time ago, then you can have an experiment of trying to make your own butter!

Watch this video to see how butter was made over 100 years ago 

How to make butter The Victorian way

Why not have a go trying to make your own butter. 

If you have some cream and a jar at home you can try this.

Half fill the jar with cream.

Screw the lid on tight.

Shake the jar till the cream becomes solid.

Rest and then shake some more!

You will have butter when you see the clear liquid has separated from the solid (curds and whey).

Monday 21st June 2021




Today you are going to work with a very friendly teacher called Miss Fryer. She is going to play some spelling games with you and then you are going to listen to a story called Honey and Trouble. You will then have a thing about the characters and the plot. 


Please also read your home books and practice your word walls.

English Lesson

Phonics Sheet for au (or)



Today we are going to be counting forwards and backwards using a 100 square. If you are already confident doing this, try without a 100 square and from different numbers, forwards and backwards. It can be tricky when you cross a tens number, for example 52, 51, 50, 49…

Maths Lesson

Maths Activity Sheet



Read Dipal’s Diwali story. Discuss with your grown up how Diwali is celebrated and talk about important objects and symbols: diya lamps, rangoli patterns, presents, flowers, sweets… 

Dipal's Diwali - story

RE video

Activity: make your own rangoli pattern using crayons, felt tips or chalks at home. You can also make a diya lamp out of playdough and join with the dance in the last video.

Thursday 17th June 2021



We have been looking at instructions this week. Can you write your own for planting a sunflower seed? Use the pictures on the sheet to help you.

Sunflower Instructions



We have been exploring shape for the past 2 weeks. Have a go at the quiz cards ( questions 1-6) only. If you have access to power point you can do a different quiz on Dojo. Make sure you watch it in slideshow view.

What shape am I game

Ask a parent to ask you questions 1 to 6.


Shape Quiz

Watch in slideshow view



In science you will be finding out about UK wild flowers. Take a look at the slideshow with a grown up and discuss the flowers.

Do you recognise any of them?

Where have you seen them before?

We know you can't go for a walk to look for them but if you have a garden, you could see if there are any there. Maybe you could make a flower pressing?

After you have watched the slideshow, try the naming activity.

Wild plants Power Point

Name the Wild Flower

Available on Dojo as a worksheet that you can write on using the tools.
































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