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Hello Year 5 - We made it to the last day!



We are excited to see you on Zoom today.  You will find the links on the Class Story page of Dojo.


Zoom meeting 9.30


See Dojo Class Story for the link

Bring your wonderful, smiley faces to say hello and find out about the day!
Party Preparation

Make some decorations or a party hat to wear to our end of year Zoom party this afternoon.  You could change the screen background on Zoom if you prefer.



Oaks Music

If you have been enjoying the music activities, here is the next one in the sequence.



Learn the art of paper folding (origami).  We would love to see photos of your creations on Dojo.  Find some instructions on how to make an origami fish here:


We are not expecting you to have origami paper!  Just cut an A4 sheet into a square. You could decorate some plain paper on one side first before making the fish so that it has a lovely pattern!

You might also like to search online for your own ideas.  Or, perhaps you have an origami book at home.  We look forward to seeing them!

Farewell Zoom meeting 1pm


See Dojo Class Story for the link

Wear your party hats (if you made one), display your decorations (if you made any) or choose your best party background for Zoom (if you would like to) and bring some party snacks and a drink.


If you would like to share a happy memory of Year 5 or a message for your friends, please let us know on Dojo and we will give you time to do this during our Zoom meeting.


Zoom musical statues.  You know how to play this game - let's try it on Zoom!  We have chosen some uplifting songs and will post on Dojo for you to vote for which one you would prefer.  One vote each and the song with the most votes wins.


We also have a special video to share with you.








Latest Notices


We are very excited to announce the launch of our mobile app! The app works alongside our new website to help keep you all updated on important news, events, photos and information about the school. You can find moreon the 'Mobile App' page of the website.