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Year 2 Visit To Abbotts Hall Farm



On Monday 17th June, Year 2 visited Abbotts Hall Farm. Here's what the children had to say...

" We went on the bus to Abbotts Hall Farm..."

"When we got to Abbotts Hall Farm we put down our bags and we had a red juicy apple..."

" Then we went to the woods and did a quiz. We had to match the leaves on our sheet to the real ones and work out which tree it was."

"Then we used things we found on the floor to make some art. We had to make a flower or a tree and it was lots of fun!"

"We got on the coach and went upstairs on the Flagfinder. It felt quicker on the way back. What an amazing day we had! Have you ever been there?"


We had a wonderful day. Beautiful weather, well-behaved children and lots of exciting learning opportunities. We all agreed that Year 2 should do some outdoor learning every day! A huge thank you to the parents who accompanied us, we hope you learnt something too.

Mrs Thompson


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